How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon

When you have decided to have some cosmetic surgery done you want to find the best plastic surgeon . This would not be the time to go with the cheapest plastic surgeon, you do not want to end up with a big mess on your hands. Many procedures can be covered by insurance so you may have to go with someone who is in their network. But finding the best one can be a relatively simple job without much stress. The main things to remember is to make sure who you choose is fully licensed and insured for your state, you want to feel comfortable with them. Many hospitals can give a lead in the right direction on where to start looking for the best plastic surgeon you can find.


Many consultants will have a file of the best plastic surgeons in your area. They can tell you if their license is up to date or if there have been any bad complaints on the surgeon. Remember to check and make sure the consultant you use does not accept referral fees or other compensation from the surgeons they recommend you to. You may want to get this in writing in your contract with them.

Your Primary Doctor

Your primary doctor has been in practice around your area for a while, they are a good source on who the best plastic surgeon would be. Especially since they already know your medical history, it will help when they offer you a recommendation. They can also give you more than one plastic surgeon to visit. You always want to check out more than one.

Friends & Family

Friends or Family that have had plastic surgery done are walking advertisements for how things turn out afterwards. They can tell you about their experience with the plastic surgeon they had. Plus you can get names on the ones to avoid, because plastic surgery is not where you want to get a cut-rate doctor. You want a doctor that is going to listen to what you want done and offer you all options to achieve that look. You also want to check into their post surgery procedure, make sure they offer after surgery visits and follow ups. This will help you decide if they are the right one for you.

When you are looking for the best plastic surgeon there are a few pointers you want to remember. Always check their license and insurance and make sure there have been lawsuits filed against them. Check out their staff and make sure they are competent in their job. Make sure you feel comfortable with the plastic surgeon you are interested in. And if any way possible check out past patients. There are many places online that will let patients leave comments on their experiences with certain surgeons. You can research many plastic surgeons online for lawsuits filed and reviews by other patients or even hospitals that they have performed surgeries at. Make sure you do a very through check because this doctor is going to be altering your life forever and you want to make sure you are getting the best plastic surgeon you can find.



"We had the procedure performed the following week with remarkable results. His self-confidence blossomed. He actually took part in summer activities with no shirt and unfortunately learned about sunburns on the back. Dr. Ruthie, thank you so much for giving him the freedom and the confidence to be my happy, go-lucky son!!!!"
Marie, Auburn Hills, MI

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